Recipe: Fava Beans in Sour Sauce

This recipe comes from the thirteenth century Kanz al-Fawa id fi tanwi’ al-mawa id (“The Treasure of Useful Advice for the Composition of a Varied Table”) which was written in Egypt. It can be found in Lilia Zaouali’s Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World (p 66).

Clean the beans and cook them in water. Let cool and then drain. Mix tahina with oil of good quality, vinegar, atarif tib, mint, coriander [seed] and and some roasted crushed hazelnuts.

Chop parsley, mint and rue root


2 comments on “Recipe: Fava Beans in Sour Sauce

  1. The recipe specifies rue root, which I have never used or seen before in a period recipe. Any idea how it compares to rue greens, which are what you seem to be substituting for?

    I could check–I have rue growing in my yard.

    • I have rue growing as well. I have to be careful handling it, as if it’s really hot weather I come out in a rash. The flavour of the whole plant is very similar to feverfew or raddichio.
      I was confused by the root as well, as I’ve never seen it before either. I assume small quantities were used as it can be overpowering (and dangerous).

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