C17 English (Pre-Restoration) Food, Cooking and Recipes

As with the sixteenth century, it’s necessary to divide the seventeenth century into periods when talking about food. In this case, we have Pre-Restoration, Cromwellian Republic and Restoration food.

The Pre-Restoration period is essentially a continuation of the Elizabethan period in food sensibilities. Many of the recipes carried over and most of the ideas about food are also continuous. For this reason, many technically seventeenth century recipes would not look out of place at a SCA Elizabethan era feast.

However, there were new foods that were introduced to England post-1600, and any recipes containing such ingredients should either be altered or not served at a SCA event. This does include coffee – but if you try and take my coffee off me, I will personally stuff you headfirst into a pot of boiling stock.

Similarly, there are a few cooking techniques and utensils that came into common use after 1600, and these, again, are not really suitable for a SCA event. There are plenty of pre-1600 recipes to cook!



Basic Recipes






Vegetable Side Dishes


Sweet Things