Class Handouts

The following are links to hand outs for classes I’ve done over the years.

Food and Cooking

Redacting Historical Recipes
A basic guide to how to read historical recipes and turn them into modern standard recipes.

Food Preservation
A brief introduction to the methods of food preservation, including drying, salting, smoking and candying, with recipes.

Spices in Medieval Cooking
The spices used in medieval cooking, how they were used, and why they were used (hint: NOT to mask the taste of tainted meat).

Medieval Pastry
My take on how pastry evolved during the Medieval and Early Modern period, with recipes.

Medieval Middle Eastern Sweets
A brief introduction to some of the delicious Middle Eastern sweet dishes available, with recipes.



Sewing a T-Tunic
Instructions on how to measure yourself and make a T-Tunic, the ideal garb for people without much sewing experience. No, you don’t need a pattern, just a tape measure and a piece of chalk.

The Evolution of the Tunic
My theories on how the T-Tunic evolved from a basic piece of material to form the basis of tailoring. With extant examples (which will hopefully shut the people up who say T-Tunics aren’t period).


Research and Projects

Managing Your A&S Projects
How to pick a project, keep it under control, and help for when you get stuck.

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