About this Blog (and me)

My name is Christine Lawrie, and I am a History Honours student, working towards becoming a food historian.

My interest in historical food and cooking came out of my involvement in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international non-profit organisation dedicated to researching and recreating pre-seventeenth century European society. Within the SCA, I am known as Mistress Leoba of Lecelade, from the Barony of Mordenvale, in the Kingdom of Lochac, which comprises Australia, New Zealand and much of Antarctica. Within these pages you will find recipes from various cultures I have recreated from period sources, and the results of my research into food, diet and social customs.

At the bottom of recipes, you will find a list of Further Readings, which will generally include the source of the recipe. These lists contain links to Amazon, Abe Books or the Book Depository, and I get a small commission from any sales. This helps to keep me cooking and developing new recipes, so you will benefit too!


Most Recent Features

  • New Recipe – Black Barida (Chicken in a Raisin Sauce), available here.
  • New Recipe – Nuhud al’Hadra (Virgin’s Breasts – shortbread biscuits), available here.
  • New Recipe – Krautsuppe (Soup of Green Herbs), available here.
  • New Recipe – Bowres (Duck Braised in Beer and Sage), available here.
  • New Recipe – Jurjāniyya (Sour Lamb Stew), available here.


Key Posts

A Storm in a Saucepan – how to set up a cooking group to trial historical recipes.

Medieval Cooking Terms – an explanation of terms you may find useful as you try to read medieval recipes.
Redacting Historical Recipes – the process I go through in interpreting historical recipes for a modern audience.


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